Galway Primary School has a team of committed and highly skilled educators who strive to achieve excellence year in, year out.

Different resources have been outsourced to enhance teaching and broaden the scope for our teachers. Our school uses Classroom resources and Edu – Doc, over and above the regular textbooks prescribed by the department.

Our school has 3 Departmental Heads who help man the curriculum. Over and above them, we have also enlisted the services of Subject Heads who work hand in hand with relevant Departmental Heads.

After every 5 week cycle, teacher’s books and files including learners’ books and assessment are checked by Departmental Heads to ensure that all teachers are up to date and whether all teaching is done according to the specifications set by the department. After each process, reports are then compiled based on the Departmental Head’s findings and given to respective teachers for action.

At the beginning of each term, learners receive Assessment Plans for all assessments scheduled for that particular term and these are sent home for parents to sign. Each assessment plan is then pasted inside the relevant subject’s workbook. After each assessment, scripts are sent home for parents to track progress and if they need to engage with a particular teacher, they can set up an appointment with them.

Terms 1 and 3 only have Continuous Assessment and this informs the term report at the end of each term, whereas Terms 2 and 4 have both Continuous Assessment and Examinations out of which term results are based. We ascribe to the departments vision of 60% learners achieving an 80% average academically.