Student council

Learner support

1. Recognizing learners who need additional support.


a) General and continued support and guidance by everyone who has to do with the learner.

b) Timeous recognition of learners in need of assistance

c) Assistance to individual learners with problems.










Procedures to follow:

Once a learner has been identified, notification must be sent to the H.O.D. Guidancewith a brief explanation of the problems experienced by the pupil being referred.

a) A meeting will be held to identify the severity of the problem. From this meeting possible solutions will be discussed. Meeting held with H.O.D. Guidance and Learner Support Committee and facilitators.

b) The learner Support Committee will consist of:

  • HOD Guidance

  • HOD of the phase the learner is.

  • The Teacher of the learner.

  • The Grade leader

c) A meeting with the parent will be held to inform the parent of the problems the child is experiencing in the classroom. Meeting set up by the teacher or H.O.D. Guidance.

d) If a psychologist or therapist must assess the learner, the relevant form giving permission must be sent to the parent. (See attached form B)

e) On return of these forms a date will be set for the learner to be assessed. This will be passed on to the parent via a phone call. A detailed report back session from the psychologist or therapist will be held. The parents, H.O.D. Guidance and Teacher will be present at this report back.

f) All other teacher involved will then be notified.

g) The relevant teachers will set up remedial programme and homework programme to help the learner, till the learner is referred to the ESS services at the District office.

Progress reports to be completed at regular intervals and sent home to parents and filed in personal files. A copy of this report will be placed in the learners support file by the H.OD. Guidance.


a) Parents are to be notified.

b) Permission from the parents must be given before the followingprocedures can be followed.

c) Permission is normally given during the report back session with the District office.

d) Once permission and LSEN number from the District Office has been given the following procedure must be followed:

Phone the relevant Remedial School to place the learner on the waiting list. Ask the parents to fill in an application form of the school

Fax/send all relevant assessment reports and documents to this school.

The Remedial School will notify you when the learner must attend. If they do not you are to keep in contact until all details have been sorted out.

All record of this must be kept. (In a file or in a book.) Dates, times and who you spoke to must be recorded.

Once all this has been finalized, you need to inform the parents as to what they then have to do.

Keep in contact with the parents to find out if the learner will be returning to our school or if he /she will be remaining there.


a) Parents need to be notified. This is done during the report back session with the District office.

b) Permission by the parent needs to be given before procedures can be followed.

c) Parents are to sign a GDE 32 giving permission for their child to go to a Special Education Class.

d) If a learner is less than 12 years of age they must be referred to a Special School. They are too old for Special Education if they are 12 years and older.

e) Once permission has been granted by the parents and the District office the following procedure must be followed:

A LSEN number needs to be received from the District office.

Copies of all the reports and the Permission form signed by the parents must be send to the new school that District office has recommended.

Parents need to be informed that it is their responsibility to go to the school to fill in the application forms. Only once they have filled in an application form will their child be placed on a waiting list.

Once the learner has been accepted at the school send all the relevant reports, permission form and documents pertaining to the new school of the learner.

3. Functions of each teacher involved.


Plans and organizes meetings with teachers and parents.

Refers problem cases to the Psychologist or Therapist or Guidance services.

Organize dates and times with the relevant persons for assessing of learners.

Report back to teachers on results of assessment.

Ensure that teachers are guided and assist in Remedial and Homework program.

Keeps records of all correspondence with parents, psychologists, therapist and guidance services.

Gives a detailed report of learner’s assessment and referred during the term to the Principal.

All records of interviews must be kept in the personal file.Records important observations regarding the learning in extra mural activities (within the school and outside the school. Documentation by the learner must be presented)