Galway Primary Hits The Internet!

Wow, it took quite a while but after lots of hard work and dedication from everyone, Galway Primary has finally taken its position in the ever changing world of great technology. Thanks to everyone who is involved in the project and certainly to those who are helping to make it a success by helping to manage our new virtual online information gateway.

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.  ~Bill Gates

How will this help me?

As the internet is a great way and in our opinion one of the most widely used methods of communication today, everything will be available on the website. Come back regularly to check out the latest news and what is on the buzz at Galway Primary. You as a parent will be kept up to date regarding everything you need to know from education to sports and extra murals to when report cards are being handed out 🙂

How can I stay informed?

Keep your eyes on the website.  Everything will be posted in the news section. Further more, If you are a Facebook or twitter user you can connect on those individual social networking sites to stay informed.

The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.  ~Jon Stewart

What about the children?

There is even a spot for them on the new website. For the children we have added a tuck shop menu with live feeds of our daily specials. Every morning we will be posting the special of the day that the tuck shop is offering. The children can also follow Galway Tuckshop on Twitter and receive the daily specials on their mobile phones. Just another way we will be helping them to decide what they will sink their teeth into over break time.

As from today, Galway Primary will be connected and keep you informed on a whole new level.

The Galway Team